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Larry Kinev, President District 2

Contact Info: lkdawson@bektel.com

Information to be added soon

Dwight Keller, Vice President-- District 1

Contact Info:  kbhr@westriv.com

Dwight Keller, a 5th generation rancher, and his family, wife (Susan) and children (Luke, Jake and Tess), raise registered beef cattle on the Keller Broken Heart Ranch, located south of Mandan, in the hills along the Missouri River.  Dwight has a BS in Animal Science from NDSU and did graduate work in livestock reproduction at Utah State University.  He coached the judging team and taught livestock selection classes while attending Utah State.  He left Utah and moved back to ND to help his parents (Eugene and Helen) establish a beef and dairy operation south of Mandan.  His family had to leave Beulah, ND, because of eminent mine development on their original farm.  Their original beef herd was based around commercial red and black baldies.  Dwight and his family developed that herd into a purebred red/ black Simmental program.    Dwight volunteered for over 30 years as a livestock judging coach for the Morton County 4H and Mandan FFA judging teams.  Along with being a charter board member for I-BAND, he’s also a member of USCA, North Dakota Simmental Association, American Simmental Association, North Dakota Farmers Union, North Dakota Farm Bureau, Mandan United Methodist Church and the North Dakota Stockman’s Association.    Dwight’s concern is that if producers do not become more involved and active in their local and national organizations,  they will not be able to enjoy competitive markets in the future or have a viable cow-calf industry to pass on to their children and grandchildren.  He encourages people to not be afraid to question and debate the policies and resolutions of all of the organizations they belong to.  Volunteer  time and active participation from all producers on critical issues such as M-COOL, trade agreements, GIPSA, the Beef Checkoff program, animal identification, and property rights, are needed so that all producers help direct the course of the livestock  industry in the future.

Allen Lund, Secretary-- District 1

Contact Info:  lundranch@westriv.com

My name is Allen Lund. I, along with my wife Bernice, own and operate a cow/calf operation by Selfridge ND. We are third generation producers and will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of our ranch in 2017. We have two children. Our daughter Corie is a range specialist and is the District Conservationist for NRCS in Selfridge. Our son Toby has a degree in Criminal Justice and is currently working and residing in Bismarck. I am a co-founder and have served as director and secretary of the Independent Beef Association of North Dakota, for the past ten years. I am also involved with the United States Cattlemen’s Association and the Selfridge Rural Fire Dept.  I feel it is important to be involved in your community as well as your industry.

Mike Heaton, Treasurer -- District 2

Contact Info  xhranch@bektel.com

I am one of ten children. Married to wife Corrine, together we have four children, two girls and two boys, ages 22 to 29, and 2 grandsons.  We ranch on my parents ranch and on other leased ranches. I am the fourth generation on this ranch which is 100 + years old. I am a past president and presently Director/Treasurer of I-BAND as well as a director for Burleigh County Farm Bureau, I am a past director for two Saddle Clubs and my wife and I are past parish council members for St. Hildegard’s Church in Menoken. I am proud to say I am a member of R-CALF USA, I-BAND and United States Cattlemen's Association (USCA) since day one. I truly believe in these organizations, which were formed by men and women whose roots run deep in Cow Country. We strive hard to address the issues that affect the cattle industry, of today as well as tomorrow.  Having our descendants on the ranch for generations to come is our goal. I-BAND was formed to give like-minded producers a voice; in state and nationally. Issues such as M-COOL, GIPSA rules, captive supply, BEEF Check off Reform and packer concentration are too important to leave up to someone else.


Frank Tomac, Director at Large, District 1

Contact Info: fktomac@sdplains.com

Frank Tomac owns and operates the same ranch he was raised on.

Number 11 of 18 kids, he’s not only the lucky one to be on the home place, he’s the lucky one twice.

Tomac knows what it’s like to be the underdog, always having to fight to get to the top. He’s been on every local board available, including McIntosh Coop, McIntosh-Watauga Equity, Sioux County FSA, Watauga Stockyards, Cedar River Grazing Association, and being a member of the St Michaels Catholic Church, and a parish council member.

He and his wife operate the ranch located in western Sioux County, the toe end of the county.  There they’ve raised their 3 children, Paden, Morgan and Duell, along with a few hundred head of Angus cows annually.  Tomac continues to use artificial insemination, something his Dad did while he was growing up, putting some of the best Angus sires in his herd year after year.  And in recent years, only buying Hereford bulls to sell the baldy heifers they raise and breed every year.

Tomac was there at the first meeting more than 10 years ago.  But always fighting till the end has remained a member of the ND Stockmens Association, to keep ‘em on the edge of the seat.  He’s also a member of the ND Farmers Union, R-Calf, and US Cattleman’s.  

One of the things he keeps reminding himself everyday is what his Dad told him “Don’t step over a dime to pick up a nickel”  His other quote he lives by is “If you’re only doing what’s asked, you’re not doing enough”. 

And he’s damn proud of what we’ve accomplished as a ‘new’ cattle organization in North Dakota, and what the future is cause you ain’t seen nothing yet.                                    

 Kenny Graner, Past President-- District 1 

Contact Info:  granerangus@extendwireless.net

I am a fourth generation Rancher and reside on the family ranch 15 miles south of Mandan in Morton County.  My wife, Mary, and I have four young children:  Sydney (15), Claire (14), Cole (13), and Ethan (11).  We operate a Purebred Commercial Angus Herd, producing high quality replacement heifer calves and feeder steers.  We also produce wheat, barley, corn, flax, and alfalfa.   I am a graduate of Mandan High School.  I am a member of several State and National organizations which deal with issues important to our livelihood.  I am very proud to be a Co-Founder of I-BAND, an organization that is aggressively involved with the livestock issues surrounding fair trade and marketing.   I encourage everyone to get involved with the issues that are making a difference in our industry.  Standing behind the barn and kicking the dirt doesn't get the job done.  We produce cattle under the highest standards in the world.  We have the right to differentiate our product from countries that have lower standards.    I encourage you to join I-BAND or other national organizations like United States Cattlemen’s Association  R-CALF USA to help fight for our beef industry.  Our future generations are depending on us!

Kerry Dockter, Director-- District 2

Contact Info: dockterranch@hotmail.com 

My name is Kerry Dockter, I am a third generation rancher from Sheridan County; our ranch is located south of Denhoff, N.D.  Along with my wife Brenda, we operate a commercial Black Angus cow-calf operation. We have three grown daughters and 4 grandchildren.
  I graduated from NDSU in 1973 with a degree in Animal Science and returned to the family ranch to pursue a ranching career. During this time, I have served on our local school board, was Chief of the Goodrich Rural Fire Dept., was President of the Farmers Union Oil Coop. of Wing-McClusky, served as a Director on the North Dakota Stockmen's Association board for 8 years and was on the Brand board. I am a charter member of I-Band and a current member of USCA and R-Calf.
  I believe as grass roots livestock producers, it is our duty to become involved with the issues that affect our industry, and let our concerns be heard. That is why I became involved in I-Band.

Patrick L Becker, Director (past president)-- District 1
Contact Info:  bkrranch@westriv.com

Information to be added soon!


Ron Volk, Director –District 1

Contact Info: ronvolk1873@gmail.com

Information to be added soon!

Jack Nagel, Director - District 2

Contact Info: rynnagel@bektel.com

My wife, Roberta and I live on a farm/ranch north of Linton, ND.  We run a Hereford cow herd, specializing in raising black baldy replacements.  We also raise wheat, corn, soybeans, and sunflowers.  We have four children and five grandchildren.    Roberta just retired as Office Manager at KEM Electric Cooperative, Inc after 41 years of service.   Our oldest son John, an industrial Engineer, works in the IT department with AT&T in Indianapolis.  Steve is a chiropractor, who owns and operates 180 Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in Mandan, ND.  Ryan is an Ag Engineer and is the 3rd generation on this farm.  Sarah just graduated with a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy.   John and his wife, Julie, have three children and Ryan and his wife, Chelsea, have two children.

My involvement in the community over the years is as follows:  24 years as a member of the Linton School Board, Vice President of the Linton Fire District, past Director on the Linton Farmers Elevator, past Committee member of the Emmons County Farm Services Agency, Farm Bureau Member, Member and past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, member of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. 

My decision to become an Iband Director is because we have 12 beginning farmers in our immediate area and I would like to see them remain as independent cattle producer and be successful.  

 Robin Ziesch, Director - District 2

Contact Info: rsziesch@bektel.com

Information to be added soon!

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